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Rivet Design System

A system for designing and building digital interfaces at IU.

Built with plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Rivet helps teams create familiar and accessible experiences across platforms.

Abstract illustration with multiple devices linked to code and web pages showing how Rivet helps create consistency across platforms

Rivet 2 is the latest version of IU's design system. Visit to see the Rivet 1 documentation.

Explore the Rivet design system

New for designers

Rivet components, layouts, icons, stickers, and more are now available as libraries within Figma. Visit the Rivet design kit page to get access.

Updates & releases

Rivet 2 is now the default version of the design system. Head to the changelog page to get more info about the latest release.

Looking forward

After the Rivet 2.0.0 release we will start to retire version 1 of Rivet. You can find a timeline with more details on the Rivet 1 end of life page.

Rivet news

Bookmark the Rivet blog to stay updated.

Rivet 2.3.1 release

Rivet 2.3.1 is now available. This release introduces the switch component, adds new border radius utilities, and fixes various display bugs.

Scott Anthony Murray

Rivet 2.2.0 release

Rivet 2.2.0 is now available. This release adds border color utilities and fixes a component JavaScript bug.

Scott Anthony Murray

Rivet 2.1.0 release

Rivet 2.1.0 is now available. This release adds a year to the calendar tile, introduces a monospace text utility, and fixes various display bugs.

Scott Anthony Murray

Getting help with Rivet

Rivet is a university-wide initiative, overseen by the Enterprise Experience team. To get help with Rivet, email