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Rivet 2.0.0-alpha.5 release

The latest Rivet 2 alpha release includes new components designed for marketing websites.

Scott Anthony Murray

May 12, 2021

This week, we published the fifth alpha release of Rivet to GitHub. This alpha release includes a redesign of the card component and new components built for marketing websites.

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Card #

Previously a variant of the deprecated box component, the redesigned card is now a standalone component.

The card component is commonly used on both web applications and marketing websites to visually group related pieces of information. Cards are also used to present collections of content, such as news items or resource links, in a grid format.

Cards fill a similar role to the feature and interactive panel chunks in the IU Web Framework.

Billboard #

The billboard is a new component for marketing websites based on work the Rivet team did as part of the redesign.

By combining an image, a headline, teaser text, and a call to action, the billboard component helps guide visitors to news articles, student and alumni stories, or other important content.

Billboards are similar to the text plus image banner in the IU Web Framework, but are usable anywhere on a page.

Quote #

Another new component for marketing websites, the quote can be used to highlight compelling testimonials from people like students, alumni, faculty, and administrators.

Call to action #

The call to action component is a link with added visual emphasis.

Calls to action can be used within another component (like a card) or on their own at the end of running text.

Sidenav #

A versatile component usable in many different kinds of sites and applications, the sidenav can be used to add vertical navigation to a page’s sidebar.

The sidenav component is primarily designed for section navigation (as seen on and supports nested navigation up to four levels deep.

In our previous blog post, we provided a first look at Rivet’s new header system and introduced some enhancements we’re making to component documentation.

A preview of Rivet’s new footer system is also available. Like the header, the footer is similar to those you might have seen on the recently relaunched,, and websites.

Leaving feedback #

The new version of Rivet is still in development and we plan to continue iterating on the code, components, and documentation. We welcome your suggestions during this process.

To leave feedback on the latest alpha, post a comment to our GitHub Discussions thread or send a message to