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Open-sourcing Rivet

The Rivet source code will be moved from GitHub@IU to on Thursday, January 17.

Scott Anthony Murray

Jan 08, 2019

After some discussions within the UX Office and with folks around UITS, we’ve decided to open source Rivet.

We are one of the first higher-ed institutions to release a design system for web application development, and we are already seeing interest from other institutions looking to get started on their own design systems. By moving Rivet into the open and being transparent about our process, we can position IU as a leader in this regard within the higher-ed community.

More importantly, moving Rivet to helps promote IU’s new Open Source Initiative, which (among other goals) aims to make the contributions of IU developers more visible and help attract new developer talent to IU.

Making the move #

The UX Office will be moving the Rivet source code from IU’s Enterprise GitHub instance ( to on Thursday, January 17. There is currently an Indiana University organization set up on where a handful of developers have started hosting their projects and this is where we are planning for the Rivet source code to live.

Closed issues and pull requests can’t be transferred to—however, you’ll still be able to view them on the archived Rivet repos on

Make sure to unwatch the rivet-source and rivet-docs repos before the migration date. Otherwise, you may get a lot of notifications in your inbox.

Getting started with #

If you would like to contribute to Rivet’s development, you’ll need to create a account if you don’t already have one.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose a username and password
  3. Enter the email address you’d like associated with your account, such as your IU email address
  4. Click “Sign up for GitHub”

Once you have an account, you’ll be able to create and comment on issues, fork repositories, and open pull requests on any of the Rivet repositories.

If you were watching any of the Rivet repositories or any issues, you’ll need to visit the newly-migrated Rivet repos and re-watch them.

Need help? #

If you have any questions, or if you have trouble setting up at account, write to us at You can also ask for help on the #rivet Slack channel.