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Rivet 0.5.0 release

Rivet 0.5.0 is now available. This release adds a lot of new components and improves existing ones.

Levi McGranahan

Mar 20, 2018

0.5.0 brings a handful of pretty significant changes that will require updating some markup in a few places mainly isolated to the header. We’ve update the documentation to reflect all of the new additions and created a guide to help you update from any of the pre-0.5.0 versions.

New components #

Here’s a list of the new components we’ve added for this release.

Features #

We’ve also spent some time improving existing components.

Bug fixes #

Thanks to some of the folks piloting Rivet we’ve found a few bugs that have also been fixed.

Approaching 1.0.0 #

As we mentioned above this will be the last release before we move to 1.0.0. We’ll make any necessary changes based on feedback and testing as well as some documentation improvements, but any updates between now and 1.0.0 should be additive, non-breaking changes. The migration guide below outlines all the updates and includes code examples that will help you make the necessary updates.

View the guide

Feedback & Questions #

We’d appreciate any feedback you have and would be happy to answer any questions. The best way to submit feedback is by creating an issue on Github: