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Rivet 2.0.0-beta.3 release

The third Rivet 2 beta release updates accordion, badge, and button styles.

Scott Anthony Murray

Mar 29, 2022

This week, we published the third beta release of Rivet 2 to GitHub. This release updates accordion, badge, and button visual styles.

Updated accordion styles #

This release updates accordion component styles to be more consistent with the appearance of the recently released link hub component.

Updated badge and button styles #

This release updates badge and button component styles to improve consistency, legibility, and contrast.

The secondary button styles in particular have been adjusted to help make them more distinct when used alongside primary buttons.

Complete list of changes #

To see all updates made in this release, visit the Rivet 2 changelog.

Rivet 1 migration and end of life #

We’ve published a summary of our Rivet 1 migration and end-of-life plan to the Rivet 2 website.

More details about migrating to Rivet 2 will be made available as we approach the 2.0.0 production release later this spring.

Leaving feedback #

The new version of Rivet is still in development and we welcome your suggestions during this process.

To leave feedback on the beta, post a comment to our GitHub Discussions thread, file a bug report, or send a message to

Get updates about Rivet 2 #

To receive updates about Rivet 2’s development, join the Rivet mailing list.