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Rivet 2 header preview

A first look at the in-development Rivet 2 header component.

Scott Anthony Murray

Apr 22, 2021

Header component preview #

Last week, we published the fourth alpha release of Rivet 2 to GitHub. This alpha release includes, among other updates, our first iteration on a redesigned Rivet header component. This new header is similar to those you might have seen on the recently relaunched,, and websites.

Rivet’s scope has broadened to include a wider variety of digital properties than the previous version, so our goal was to create a visually lightweight header that clearly communicated the IU brand while being usable, accessible, and flexible.

You can see an interactive preview of the new header on This preview also contains code examples and implementation notes for development teams using the Rivet 2 alpha.

New documentation features #

As part of the alpha development process, we’ve also been exploring some enhancements to how Rivet components are documented.

In the header preview linked above, you’ll notice two new features attached to code examples:

Leaving feedback #

The new version of the Rivet header is still in development and we plan to continue revising it over the coming months. We welcome your suggestions during this process.

To leave feedback on the header preview, post a comment to our GitHub Discussions thread or send a message to