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Modular elements you can combine to create website and web application interfaces

  • The Accordion component uses JavaScript


    Group content into sections that can be opened and closed

  • The Alert component uses JavaScript


    Display brief important messages to users like errors or action confirmations

  • Avatar

    Display a person's picture or initials

  • Badge

    Annotate important information, highlight new information, or convey status

  • Billboard

    Highlight content with an image, text summary, and call to action

  • Breadcrumbs

    Show the user's current location in a page hierarchy

  • Button

    Highlight an action the user can take, such as submitting a form

  • Calendar tile

    Highlight an important date

  • Call to action

    Add a link with extra visual emphasis

  • Card

    Group related content or present content as a list or grid

  • Checkbox

    Allow users to select zero, one, or many options from a list of choices

  • The Dialog component uses JavaScript


    Present content in a smaller window that is displayed on top of the main application or site content

  • The Disclosure component uses JavaScript


    Allow the user to show or hide additional content about a topic

  • The Dropdown component uses JavaScript


    Present a list of options that can be shown or hidden with a button

  • Empty state

    Show a placeholder and suggest first steps when there is no content

  • The File input component uses JavaScript

    File input

    Allow a user to select a file to be uploaded as part of a form submission

  • Footer

    Add an IU-branded footer to your website or application

  • Grid

    A 12-column responsive grid for laying out pages

  • The Header component uses JavaScript


    Add an IU-branded header and navigation to your website or application

  • Hero

    Prominently show a title, summary, image, and call to action at the top of a page

  • Input group

    Group related form inputs

  • Link hub

    Show a list of links with optional descriptions

  • List

    Group and organize lists of content

  • Loading indicator

    Show users that content is loading or an action is being processed

  • Pagination

    Allow users to move between multiple pages of content

  • Quote

    Highlight a compelling quotation

  • Radio input

    Allow users to choose a single option among many

  • Select input

    Allow users to choose one option from a dropdown list

  • Series nav

    Allow users to step forward or backward through a series of content pages

  • The Sidenav component uses JavaScript


    Create a vertical list of navigation links for use in a sidebar

  • Stat

    Highlight one or more compelling statistics

  • Step indicator

    Show the user's position in and progress through a multi-step process

  • Subnav

    Provide additional navigation outside the main header or sidenav

  • The Switch component uses JavaScript


    Allow users to toggle a configuration option between "on" and "off" states

  • Table

    Present tabular data in rows and columns

  • The Tabs component uses JavaScript


    Allow users to switch between related groups of content without having to leave the page

  • Text input

    Allow users to enter single-line text content to be submitted as part of a form

  • Textarea

    Allow users to enter multi-line text content to be submitted as part of a form

  • Timeline

    Show a chronological series of events and highlight milestones