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Using layouts

How to use layouts when designing your website or app

Rivet layouts are prebuilt IU-branded page templates you can use for your marketing websites or web applications. These layouts are designed to help give developers a head start in creating many of the page types commonly used across IU’s web space.

With the exception of a few layout-specific CSS classes, all layouts are assembled using Rivet’s built-in components and utility classes.

Layouts are provided as downloadable plain HTML files. Some layouts have multiple variants, each provided as a separate HTML file.

Use layouts as they appear or modify them to meet your specific needs. The markup for each layout can also be adapted for use in a templating language like Velocity.

Modifying layouts #

Layouts are just plain HTML pages that import Rivet CSS and JavaScript, so you can modify them using any of the components or utility classes that Rivet provides.