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Rivet 1 end of life

Details about Rivet 1's deprecation, migration period, and end of life

Q2 2022

Rivet 1 deprecation

  • The URL will be updated to point to the Rivet 2 documentation
  • The Rivet 1 documentation will be moved to
  • Rivet 1 will continue to receive only critical bug fixes and accessibility updates
  • The rivet-uits npm package will be deprecated in favor of rivet-core
Q2 2022–Q4 2023 (~18 months)

Rivet 1 migration period

  • A migration guide will be made available at alongside the Rivet 1 documentation. This guide will include a side-by-side comparison of which components and utilities exist in both versions of Rivet and suggest replacements for those that do not appear in the latest version.
Q4 2023

Rivet 1 end of life

  • Rivet 1 will no longer receive updates or bug fixes
  • The rivet-uits npm package will no longer receive updates
  • An archived read-only GitHub repository will be created that contains the Rivet 1 source code
  • Branches containing Rivet 1 source code will be removed from the rivet-source repository
  • Hosted Rivet 1 CSS and JavaScript will remain on indefinitely