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Deprecating the Rivet panel component

The panel component has been deprecated in favor of the new box and media object components.

Scott Anthony Murray

Jan 30, 2019

We’ve deprecated the Rivet panel component and will be removing it in the next major release of Rivet (2.0.0) in favor of two new components: the box and media object.

These new components give developers more flexibility when grouping content and make it easier to build layouts they previously had to assemble from panels, grids, and spacing utility classes.

Box component #

Rivet 1.2.0 introduces the box component, which you can use to visually group related pieces of content. This new component has several display, sizing, and color variations, including a .rvt-box--card variant you can use as a drop-in replacement for panels.

The box component is much more flexible than the panel component, providing developers and designers more options for grouping or displaying lists of related content.

Media object component #

In addition to the box component, Rivet 1.2.0 features the new media object component. Like the box component, the media object component makes it easier to display lists of complex content and their associated controls without the use of tables.

Getting help #

If you have questions about the deprecated panel component or the new box and media object components, head over to the Rivet Slack channel.