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Rivet 2.0.0-beta release

Rivet 2 is now in the beta stage of development.

Scott Anthony Murray

Dec 06, 2021

This week, we published the first beta release of Rivet 2 to GitHub.

During this stage of development, the Rivet team will be gathering final feedback from the IU developer community ahead of the official Rivet 2 release in the spring.

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How is the beta version of Rivet different from the alpha? #

The Rivet 2 beta is different from the alpha in three ways: it more closely resembles the final product, it is more stable, and the documentation is more complete.

The beta more closely resembles the final product #

The styles and functionality of the Rivet 2 beta are very similar to what we intend to release in the spring.

The beta is more stable #

During the alpha phase of development, we experimented with different approaches to solving problems. Therefore, the styles, functionality, and code could change significantly with each new release.

The beta phase of development is more stable. During this period of development, our goal is to gather final community feedback and fix outstanding issues. We do not intend to make significant or breaking changes between beta releases.

The beta documentation is more complete #

As of the Rivet 2.0.0-beta release, all layouts, components, and utilities we plan on releasing as part of Rivet 2 are documented. During the alpha phase of development, many of these pages were missing content or contained only placeholders.

Learn more about Rivet 2 #

You can learn more about the next version of Indiana University’s design system by visiting

Leaving feedback #

The new version of Rivet is still in development and we welcome your suggestions during this process.

To leave feedback on the beta, post a comment to our GitHub Discussions thread, file a bug report, or send a message to

Get updates about Rivet 2 #

To receive updates about Rivet 2’s development, join the Rivet mailing list.