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Rivet 1.0.0 release

The official Rivet 1.0.0 release is now available!

Levi McGranahan

Apr 16, 2018

Rivet 1.0.0 is now available. We’ve made a few updates since the last release (0.5.0). We’ll go over the additions and updates in this post.

Migration guide (0.5.0 – 1.0.0) #

The last pre-release of Rivet was the most significant to date. We made a handful of breaking changes in 0.5.0 that are documented in the 0.5.0 migration guide. If you have already updated to 0.5.0, you can safely update to 1.0.0 without breaking changes.

Changes in 1.0.0

The updates we've made since the last release (0.5.0) were all additive and shouldn't be breaking changes. If you do run into any problems updating, please open an issue on Github.iu.

1.0.0 Additions #

Here’s a quick list of the additions in this release:

For a more detailed breakdown of the 1.0.0 updates you can view the changelog on the Rivet home page.

What’s next? #

This quarter we’ll be working on more documentation and training around using Rivet and a model for extending Rivet with additional plugins and widgets. Read the Roadmap for more details about what we’ll be working on the rest of this year.

We would appreciate any feedback you have and be happy to answer any questions. The best way to submit feedback is by creating an issue on Github.IU, or email